Saturday, 17 December 2011

My feeling and expection in UBI1022's first class :DD

aSsaLamuALiakUm .. HyE..!! today i would like to share my feeling and expectation when at the first time in class UBI 1022 ..

Honestly .. every time I step over to the class English i feel so nervous, fear,and my heartbeat so swift  because I'm don't like English subject..

For me English subject is very horrible and challenging subject, but when at the first time i went to the english class guide by my beloved lecture Miss junaidah i start realize that i'm very enjoy and cheerful when i join the class.She is very nice person,understanding ,open-minded , and caring person that i conference . I'm very grateful because i can learn a lot with my lecture about to improve my english from day to day..

At the first class she want we all try to speak in english infront my classmate about ''The personality that you admire'' .. and i choose Tan Sri Dato Dr Zety Akhtar Aziz as my idol .
I fell so nervous at the night.. by hook or by crook i must try to speak english even though i'm not fluent in english. my lecture  always guide me and reprimind me when i make a mistake and i became more confident to speak in english infront my class.. hehe ..

insyaALLAH.. i will try my best to improve my english and i hope my lecture can guide me to become a good and smart student in english. thanks Miss junaidah .. we all love you ..=D